Scotts 2554 tractor

Old Scotts lawn tractor


I have am old Scotts lawn tractor i bought about 20 years ago. It runs great but it hasn’t cut the lawn well for two summers. I think I need one blade, maybe both of them, maybe new belts also.

I love the tractor, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on an older machine. Is there some metric to use to determine if a repair an old machine makes sense, or maybe some age limit to consider before buying a new one?


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  1. Tried2Call says:

    This should be pretty straightforward: First, sharpen and balance your blades, making sure they are not damaged or worn out. Next, check all the pulleys and drive belt. We recommend removing the belt for a close inspection. With the belt off, it’s a great time to turn all the pulleys by hand to make sure there’s no grinding or wobble in the bearings.

    Reassemble, adjust the deck per your owner’s manual, and you’re ready to mow again.

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