Our Team

We, that is Paul (father, on the right) and Greg Iannacci (son, on the left), have learned mechanics both the easy way and the hard way. Really!

DSCF1587The easy way was to go to technical school, pay attention, and absorb everything you can. They call this ‘full immersion’ when you eat, sleep, and think mechanics. Everything about gas and diesel engines was everything about Greg.

I (Paul) started at age eleven by taking apart my father’s lawn mower. Briggs & Stratton 2.5HP engine, or so I’m told. It definitely was louder when finally reassembled, and harder to rope start, but did that mower cut grass. Dad was amazed it ever ran again.

Together we have practical experience on a very full range of mechanized equipment, from lawn mowers, lawn tractors, compact tractors, snowblowers, tillers, both new and old.

Best of all, we don’t talk tech ! We use plain, straight English to describe the problem and the solution. That way, you can understand what we’re saying, and we can understand eachother. Yes !

Contact us directly if you like !